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Gradpa Fuge in the armygrandpa at 89.9

Thomas R. Fuge, MC's father, the senior living vet in our family, a man who served in WWII in the China/ Burma/India Theater.  Served his country with honor, returned to start a family and a new career in the fledgling TV industry, became an electronics engineer, finished his career as the manager of quality control at Honeywell's Black Canyon computer manufacturing plant in Phoenix, AZ.  He had a successful insurance business for several years after leaving Honeywell.  

Grandpa Fuge is the father of three, grandfather of sixteen, great-grandfather of eighteen and greatly loved by every one of them.  His amazing clarity of thought and irrepressible wit are the first things anyone notices about him.  

We love him, salute him, and honor him today and every day

on Nov 12, 2012

on Nov 12, 2012

on Nov 16, 2012

A vanishing breed in this country.  I hope he enjoyed his day.

on Nov 16, 2012

Thanks, Doc...I am sure he did.

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