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It is clear and bright here this morning...and just into the teens temperature-wise.  It has been colder and clearer at times but this morning it is enough to keep me indoors and postponing some woodworking projects for me and MC.   It reminded me of a similar morning in Fort Leonard Wood several years ago when the man on the radio told me "If you looked outside and thought it would be a great day to wash the car, you are DEAD wrong!"  It was five below zero that morning and just as clear as you've ever seen.  Somewhere in all my tapes of radio stations I have that little tidbit...from KTXY in Jefferson City, MO.  I have mentioned before that I got in the habit of keeping a tape in the boombox and would punch the "Record" button when something played that I would like to keep.  Sometimes I would forget to stop the recording right away so I got lots of commercials (like the Ultra-Gammon game that was advertised on KARA in Santa Clara/San JoseCalifornia) and news teases and weather and other announcements.  I especially like the ones from the German stations.  I have tapes from stations all over the world:  KTXY in MO, KARA  and KMBY and KFOG and KIDD from the Central California area, and SWF III and SDR in Germany.  

I regret that I don't have some of the little snipits from stations I listened to in my teens.  Like the day in 1965 when Chuck Cooper (pretty sure it was Chuck) on KGB in San Diego told me that he knew that no matter how bad things got in his life, he knew there were five guys on Earth that were uglier than he was (referring to the Rolling Stones).  Or in the summer when the KDEO, San Diego jocks would provide the summertime tanning service of telling you to turn over every fifteen minutes to even up that tan.  The afternoon guy on KCBQ in San Diego got in trouble with his afternoon commute game he called "Musical Lanes"...change lanes when the music stopped...he claimed it was a joke and insisted he didn't believe anyone would be dumb enough to actually DO it.  He sadly underestimated the teens of San Diego.  

The Morning guy at KCBQ created an on-the-air partner; a duck with a voice very similar to Donald Duck.  He called him Casey B. Quack.  Some think he was responsible for the creation of the KGB Chicken that was the subject of a big lawsuit some years later...but that's another story.  The duck became so popular that Jerry...hmmm...maybe Walker or something like that...had to have a stuffed duck made to accompany him to the sock hops and other public appearances that are the meat of a popular DJ's paycheck.  

I don't know who coined the phrase "Submarine Races" as code for making out...but thousands of Southern California teens steamed up their car windows while not overlooking the ocean from vantage points like La Jolla or Mount Helix.  And local DJs on one of the stations periodically would announce the competitors in the next heat.

So when the guy on the radio casually mentioned a thousand folks injured by a meteor in Russia and "it's gonna be a mildly cold day with a high around 38 and no sign of snow for a few more days..." I initially thought it was another of those silly things that get said by the morning jocks looking to shake things up.  On the same day that an asteroid the size of a swimming pool is passing closer than the orbit of our commo satellites, a meteor roars in on Russia.  Wow.  What's next?

"The sun did not come up this morning, huge cracks have appeared in the Earth's surface and rocks are falling from the sky...details on this and other stories on the hour"  Al Sleet, the Hippie-Dippie Weatherman (George Carlin)

By the way...I have seen a UFO:


on Feb 19, 2013

I guess with everyone paying attention to DA14, the ten ton rock seemed to be a ho-hummer!

on Feb 20, 2013

Yea, I don't think most folks realize what a bullet we dodged...